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Imagine Living In A World Of Your Creation

My favorite children's book as a kid was Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson. It's about a little boy who carries around a purple crayon and draws whatever he envisions. I wonder if that's why purple is still one of my favorite colors.  For instance, when Harold imagines a lake, he draws himself a lake and a boat to carry him across the water.  When he goes on evening walks, he draws a moon for light. If you look back in you life, you'll realize all the things that you first imagined and eventually they became your reality.  When we first built our home, there was one tree in our backyard.  I imagined myself looking through our window one day, and how nice it would feel to be surrounded by a small forest. Twenty years later, our home is surrounded by a diverse, rich ecosystem with cottonwoods, aspen, maples, apple and pear trees and many different varieties of shrubs and plants. We are visited by elk, deer, rabbits, bear, skunks, snakes, raccoons,  squirrels, song birds and eagles. My imagination was the jump off point for what I wanted and for what I eventually manifested. Imagine living in a healthy, vibrant body, in a healthy world, playing with others who share your vision. Imagine doing work that you love with others that love and appreciate you!  Albert Einstein said, the world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking. Especially in this time in our history, we can all take up our purple crayons and co create the life we want for ourself and for our planet. But we can't do it by giving our attention to that which we don't want on a daily basis. Whatever you give your attention to will grow bigger. Notice what you say and think about on a regular basis.  Spend time imagining the world you want to inhabit even if it seems impossible. It's because of imagining the impossible that we have created: self-driving vehicles, airplanes, space ships,  post-it notes, cell phones, and computers.  It's because of imagining that humans can run a mile in less than four minutes, stand on our heads and compose beautiful  symphonies. Imagination is our magic wand to create what we want. We all have one, we just need to dust it off and use it!  Try it.


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