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How To Shift From Powerless To Powerful

Mountain Pose, Tadasana When I start feeling overwhelmed or powerless, I close my eyes and imagine one of the many mountains I have climbed or visited. I imagine being that mountain.  Strong, grounded, centered unencumbered by storms, fires or human or animal impact. I hold this image for a couple of gentle mindful breaths. Try this visualization when you feel overwhelmed by conditions outside of your control.  It will literally help you stand strong and confident on your own two feet!

Stand with feet hip width.  Ground the ball mounts of your big toes, baby toes, inner heels and outer heels. This will activate your entire lower body. You'll start feeling the strength and grounding of a mountain.  Next lengthen your spine, relax your shoulders and draw your chin back so that your ears align over your shoulders.  Then either bring your arms out by your side with palms facing out, or lift them up to the sky like the top of a mountain. Close your eyes if you wish and imagine yourself tall and strong as a mountain. Hold this for a couple of breaths.

The Benefits of Practicing This Pose Are Many.

  • Strengthens your nervous system

  • Regulates your respiratory and digestive systems

  • Improves your balance

  • Helps tone the abdomen and hips

  • Aligns your body and improves your posture

  • Prepares you for advanced poses like hand stand and head stand 

  • Helps achieve a balanced state of body and mind!


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