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How To Tap When You Want To Feel Better

(To use along with the tapping points chart)

Before you begin to tap notice how strong your emotion and physical symptoms feel.

From a score of 0-10 with zero being no problem and 10 being the most intensely you feel this issue make a note of your number.

    1. Tap on the side of either hand below the pinky (karate chop point) while stating your problem out loud. Do this Set-Up Statement 3 times including the words I choose to be ok anyway or something like that. 

    2. Then start tapping through the acupressure points beginning at the top of the head. (Note: you can use one or two hands on each point because the meridians are bilateral.)Tap gently 5-7 times on each point while you vent what is stressing you out, just as you would tell a friend.

    3. After you’ve tapped through all the main points (see chart) ending on the point under the arm, that’s one round. 


    4. Now take a new score on how strong your emotions and physical symptoms feel when you think of your issue.

    5.   Tap as many rounds as you need until you feel better. 

Tap On!

Morning Meditation With Maria

Starting your day with a morning meditation and tapping routine reduces stress & anxiety throughout the day.  

Watch this short video for a quick meditation you can do to start relieving stress and anxiety right now.

Evening Meditation With Maria

Ending your day with my evening meditation and tapping routine reduces stress and helps you have a more peaceful nights rest. 

Watch this short video for a quick meditation you can do in the evening or before bed.

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EFT Tapping Coach Maria Dunn

I help clients relieve their stress and anxiety significantly in their first 75-minute session with me using evidence-based techniques validated by the American Psychological Association or the APA.

I’m one of the first in the area to bring this innovative and highly effective, evidence-based energy psychology work to Northern Colorado.

EFT Tapping Coach in Loveland Colorado

Get directions to our Yoga studio in Loveland.

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