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EFT Tapping For Stress Relief

Get relief from stress, anxiety, trauma, cravings, pain, chronic illness, phobias, and resistance to goal setting.

Single Session - $135

In a single EFT Tapping session, we can address small “t” traumas like everyday stresses, phobias, goal setting, and pain relief.


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3 Session Package - $375

In three sessions, we can look at bigger issues where we address the big “T” traumas. Where a person is in a state of constant stress and anxiety, chronic pain, cravings, health issues, and feeling stuck with recurring triggers in certain events in their life.

5 Session Package - $500
In these sessions, we go deeper into past traumas and childhood events.  We look at long-term emotional patterns that contribute to the current situation(s). The bigger the traumas the more sessions we need to break down the aspects of the events in order to neutralize them.

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EFT Tapping Coach Maria Dunn

I help clients relieve their stress and anxiety significantly in their first 75-minute session with me using evidence-based techniques validated by the American Psychological Association or the APA.

I’m one of the first in the area to bring this innovative and highly effective, evidence-based energy psychology work to Northern Colorado.

EFT Tapping Coach in Loveland Colorado

Get directions to our Yoga studio in Loveland.

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