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Outdoor Adventurist

I have taken yoga classes from Maria for many years. I have an outdoor lifestyle and I am convinced that the yoga has kept me flexible, balanced, and stronger.  Prior to taking yoga, I would encounter injury, leg, arm, and back discomfort that included sciatica. Slowly, over time, with the stretching and strengthening  postures I feel in better shape than ever. Yoga also offers clarity for the mind. Maria is always so encouraging and accommodating for any activity that will enhance my fitness. I love the sport of Pack Burro Racing.  It is the only sport indigenous to Colorado.  Since I am on the older side of most participants, in order to participate without injury, I have recently taken up running. I enrolled in Maria's class, "Yoga for Runners". Maria not only improved my technique but also emphasized my personal achievement and my capacity for new possibilities. I highly recommend all her classes. 

Yoga for Athletes - Ariel

Ariel, Tri Athlete and Ultra Runner

I’ve been Maria’s student for several years. She's helped me physically and mentally. 


She’s taught me how to use yoga in my running technique and encouraged me to have a daily 5 min yoga practice that keeps me limber and focused. She is full of sage wisdom and also cracks me up with fun insights! 


She’s knowledgeable, personable and inspirational. My life is better for having her in it.



Ironman Athlete

Someone had suggested yoga and I decided to try Maria's class...even though at 51 years of age it had not occurred to me to actually practice yoga, ever. At the time I did not realize that it would completely change my way of thinking about training. With the core strengthening and deep stretching of yoga, there were times when I opted to shorten the regular workouts when I wasn't feeling 100%, and focused on the yoga sessions while recovering. I believe greater benefits were gained using this strategy.  I dropped my overall finishing time by 40 minutes from the previous year to achieve a rank in the top 10% of my age group. My marathon time alone dropped by over 50 minutes. Without a doubt yoga played an essential part in that success. With better focus throughout the training season, it also helped with being mentally in the race on race day. Faster, stronger and hopefully a little wiser.




As I was recovering from chemotherapy and trying to get my running stamina back, I met Maria in her running group.


Shortly after, I was attending Maria’s yoga classes strengthening and retraining not only my body, but more importantly, my mind.


With her holistic approach, I find that after every encounter I have with Maria, I leave with my muscles no longer stiff and sore, and feeling calm and stress-free. Thanks, Maria – you’re the best!

Maria Dunn OmPowered Yoga Teacher & EFT Tapping Coach

in Loveland, CO.

Do you want to be fit for life? Or learn how to relieve stress instantly through EFT tapping?

I'm Maria Dunn, a certified Hatha yoga teacher with 30 years of yoga experience & certified clinical EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping coach.


Watch this short video to learn more about OmPowered Yoga. 

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