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EFT Tapping

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Veronica B.

Tapping with Maria has been a real gift for me. I have been working on changing my dysfunctional relationship with food for years, using different approaches, and I was sure that nothing would ever work for me. But I still hoped that someday, someone could help me with it. And I was right! Maria took me to places I had never been before. Her guidance and compassionate approach helped me discover the emotions underlying my unhealthy eating habits and I can now see incredible changes day after day. Thank you, Maria!

Kim M.
High School Teacher

Ever since falling off a horse 20 years ago, my right hip has troubled me with discomfort and limited motion. Yoga and acupuncture have given me temporary relief through the years, but the symptoms have never gone completely away. In one EFT session with Maria, I noticed a significant increase in flexibility with the hip joint
as well as less pain. With Maria’s guidance, I was able to connect with the many feelings that I had been holding (via my hips), since that event. Going through the tapping points took me deeper into the source of those feelings – the roots being sadness for having to leave my horses.  Maria incorporated yoga into the EFT session. The yoga poses helped me to become more grounded, to be able to embody my experience, and to move my hip in a much wider range of motion. Maria’s kindness, skill and intuition supported me to open to healing.

Hair Stylist

Before I started tapping with Maria I had high anxiety and stress and lack of self love.
After 3 sessions together I left feeling less stress and anxiety and more self awareness and self love.
I found resolution around the issues we worked on and what I liked most was is that the tapping gives me the tools to help myself.  I have already recommended Maria to others.

Maria Dunn EFT Tapping Coach

in Loveland, CO.

Do you want to be fit for life? Or learn how to relieve stress instantly through EFT tapping?

I'm Maria Dunn, a certified Hatha yoga teacher with 30 years of yoga experience & certified clinical EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping coach.


Watch this short video to learn more about OmPowered Yoga. 

EFT Tapping Coach in Loveland Colorado

Get directions to our Yoga studio in Loveland.

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