with Maria Dunn

Q & A 

Why did you start practicing yoga?

As an athlete— running, cycling, mountain climbing— I used to get injured a lot. So, I decided to try yoga before it was popular.  I thought I was in great form until I took my first few classes.  I discovered imbalances and weaknesses that were creating injuries. 

What is your favorite thing about yoga?

Yoga is the most transformative mental, physical and spiritual form of exercise I’ve ever done. I’m physically stronger, more flexible, calmer and more balanced than I’ve ever been in my life.  I love sharing this amazing practice with others who wish to commit to a practice that, when done consistently, promises to create a balanced healthy body and a more peaceful and focused mind.

What has inspired you to keep doing yoga?

Yoga offers me a large selection of poses that I can use anytime I need to reboot myself, whether it’s to stretch, strengthen, relax, or reconnect with myself. The longer I commit to yoga the greater the rewards I keep noticing. I still run, cycle and mountain climb, and yoga is the base that keeps me healthy.