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Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher & Certified Clinical EFT Coach

OmPowered Yoga Studio & EFT Tapping
Coach in Loveland, Colorado


When you work with OmPowered Yoga Instructor & EFT Tapping Coach Maria Dunn, you can achieve all this and more through: 


  • Small, personalized yoga classes in-person & on Zoom 

  • Private instruction available

  • Each Yoga class includes one round of EFT Tapping 

  • Personal EFT Tapping Sessions offered through Zoom

Yoga increases your potential and longevity in
your sport.

Yoga improves your times and reduces your chances of injury.

EFT Tapping is a simple way to reduce stress 
and anxiety in your life.

EFT Tapping releases cravings and phobias, neutralizes traumas and relieves pain.


OmPowered Yoga For Life

 Specialized yoga classes for your specific needs. Meditation and pranayama (breath work) are included in each class.  

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EFT Tapping For Stress Relief

Get relief from stress, anxiety, trauma, cravings, pain, chronic illness, phobias, & resistance to goal setting.

Maria Dunn OmPowered Yoga Teacher & EFT Tapping Coach

Do you want to be fit for life? Or learn how to relieve stress instantly through EFT tapping?

I'm Maria Dunn, a certified Hatha yoga teacher with 30 years of yoga experience & certified clinical EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping coach.


Watch this short video to learn more about OmPowered Yoga. 



She is a certified Hatha flow instructor through the Shambhava School of Yoga, which emphasizes body alignment, breath awareness and meditation. Maria has been teaching and practicing yoga for 3 decades.

Maria is a certified clinical EFT tapping coach through EFT Universe. She also has 13 years of tapping experience via the Tapping Solution and most recently 160 hours of clinical experience, helping clients worldwide find their best selves by using tapping to overcome a number of life’s issues.

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"I dropped my overall finishing time by approximately 40 minutes from the previous year, to achieve a rank in the top 10% of my age group. My marathon time alone dropped by over 50 minutes. Without a doubt yoga played an essential part in that success."

— Dion, Ironman Athlete

"I have been a student of Maria for several years and she has helped me physically and mentally.  She has taught me how to use yoga in my running technique and encouraged me to have a daily 5 min yoga practice that keeps me limber and focused."

— Ariel, Tri Athlete & Ultra Runner

Yoga Studio & EFT Tapping Coach 
in Loveland, Colorado

Get directions to our Yoga studio in Loveland.

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